I’m 5’4″and 50 years old, and I weigh 220 pounds.

Edit: 9/14/2011

At the end of the Slimmer This Summer Challenge, I weighed 206. I had lost twelve pounds in twelve weeks for the challenge. The challenge was a huge success for me.

I’m starting a new challenge on September 18:

My next check-in here will be Oct. 8, at the half-way point in this experiment.

Here’s the schedule.

  • start: May 22, 2011 ~ weight 220
  • start Summer Challenge: June 6 ~ weight 218
  • end Summer Challenge: August 28 ~ weight 206
    • start Give Yourself the Best Gift Sept. 18 ~weight 208
      • going for loss of 2 pounds a week for first 4 weeks
      • going for 1 pound a week loss for the remainder of the challenge
  • halfway mark: October 8, 2011 ~ target weight 200
      • My check in at the half-way point:
      •  206 pounds= +6
      • 20 weeks, 14 pounds. Not where I wanted to be, and yet, I’m encouraged, because I lost these 14 pounds fairly painlessly. And I think I can keep going if I take a long-term approach and go slowly. If I set my goals too high, I always fail, but if I look at the 14 pounds that are gone instead of looking at the 26 pounds I still need to lose (66, really, but only 26 in this first 40 weeks), then I can see that I’ve made progress. I have found that 10,000 calories a week is plenty, if I limit high calorie foods (breads and sugars and oils and dressings), and that’s a great thing. So I’m encouraged and setting off on the next twenty weeks, convinced I can do a little better now, because I’ve learned several things in the first twenty weeks that I wasn’t aware of before.
    • end Give Yourself the Best Gift: Dec. 31 ~ target weight 188
  • forty weeks: February 25, 2012 ~ weight 180

If I’m successful with these first forty weeks, I’ll go into a second forty weeks. We shall see.

I will keep track of daily calories at loseit.com and I will log weekly calories and weight on this blog.

I am kicking this off in conjunction with the Slimmer This Summer Challenge.