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Thoughts on weeks 29 and 30

I said last time that I would have no sweet coffee and I wouldn’t eat until I exercised. Um…not happening. I didn’t exercise once and I did have coffee with hot chocolate and almond milk several times. So…. I’m not making new plans right now. I’m really, really busy and I’m having a hard time caring about what I eat and how much I exercise. So I’m going to take a couple of weeks off and I’ll start again in the new year. I’ll still keep track of what I’m eating at Lose It! Beyond that, I’m not going to sweat it. And we shall regroup in January.


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Thoughts on Week 18

One week down in the Best Gift Challenge. I’m afraid I didn’t do well with meeting my goals.

  1. I will turn off my computer at nine every night and get to bed before midnight.
    • I managed to do this two nights
  2. I will get up and read my Bible and pray.
    • This went well. A couple of mornings I listened to John Piper sermons instead of reading, and I always enjoy him. I’m listening to his sermons on prayer and on fasting. Very good stuff.
  3. I will ride my exercise bike or swim or do Pilates or walk on the mountain or ride my bike on the bike trail six days a week. I will try for a half hour of cardio three days a week and an hour of slower exercise three days a week.
    • Blech. Total fail here. I’ll try again. The thing about the riding bike, swimming, hiking on the mountain is that I can’t leave my mom alone to go exercise three days a week now. So I’m going to try to at least ride the exercise bike a half hour a day.
  4. I will keep my calories at 10,000 a week—this is an average of 1429 calories a day. I will not sweat overeating one day and I will eat from whatever food groups I want, but I will make an effort to have foods that are low carb, medium fat, and high protein each day.
    • This worked out, even though I took the kids out to celebrate my daughter’s eighteenth birthday. 
  5. I will make an effort to drink more water.
    • I was sick after Pilates on Tuesday so I drank a couple of bottles of Gatorade and ate a banana. The rest of the week I kept a cup by the kitchen sink and tried to remember to drink water every time I went into the kitchen. I’ll work on this more this week. 
  6. I will keep track of my calories at
    • This was fine.
  7. I will blog once a week on my progress and link up at Thrice Blessed’s blog every week.
    • And here I am! 🙂

I am on my eighteenth week of my forty-week experiment and I am fourteen pounds down. I hope to be caught up by week twenty. We shall see. I’m still happy with the loss. I feel like it’s going to a long process but by writing here each week, I can see some progress and that encourages me to keep at it.


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