Thoughts on Weeks 31, 32, and 33

Life was busy these past few weeks. The kids and I had a lot going on, laying a new floor in the trailer and going to court for an accident my son got in (did you know that in Georgia you can go to jail for twelve months for a speeding ticket?). I had a terrible infection in one of my teeth for a couple of weeks (didn’t stop me from eating…what’s up with that?) and was on pain pills for a week or so that always makes me totally lazy.

So here I am 33 weeks into my experiment and I’m only down 11 pounds from my starting weight. It would be depressing if I cared more about it.

And that’s probably my problem. I just don’t care all that much. It is possible to lose weight, but it takes such a huge commitment of time and money. I just can’t sustain it. I see this pattern over the last twelve years, since I quit smoking and decided to exercise and diet and lose weight. I do great for the first twelve weeks and then something comes along, a life issue, a death, a hospitalization, a vacation…something that knocks me off my routine.

And that screws me up.

So I have a new plan.

It’s a new year and I’ve been overeating for the last two months. So I’m going to push to eat right and exercise for the next eight weeks (this week is a transition week, in which I dig out the exercise bike that is buried in the spare room) and then I’m going to reset this experiment and try to run this in twelve week sections. We’ll see.

For now, I’m going to try to take off 16 pounds by February 26.

That’s the end of the forty weeks. I wanted to be 180 by then. I’ll settle for 193. I’ll also settle for 202, if I have to (which would be one pound a week loss from this point to that point), because I want to get moving in the right direction again.

So I’m off the coffee and back on the green tea, and I’m planning on fasting one day a week, and keeping my calories to under 10,000 a week, and exercising on the bike for a half an hour a day, before I eat.

I’m writing in the afternoons and I will have hot chocolate with coffee for that, if I want.

I’m not cutting any food completely, but I’m going to try to cut back on the starches and the sugars and put in more proteins.


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